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Ciphrex's Eric Lombrozo: There Is No 'December Deadline'

Article by Aaron van Wirdum, based on interview with Eric Lombrozo

Strategic Finance Veteran Carrie McQueen Joins Ciphrex Team

“Ciphrex presented an irresistible opportunity to join a brilliant, well-respected team in an industry ready for phenomenal growth. I’m eager to earn our place as a technology leader.” -- Carrie McQueen, Ciphrex CFO. read more...

Settling the Block Size Debate
- by Eric Lombrozo

Article by Eric Lombrozo / Bitcoin Magazine

"Nobody has this Stuff Really Figured out Yet" - Eric Lombrozo

Eric Lombrozo’s interview with Dan McArdle, Director of Curriculum / Digital Currency Council

Will Scaling Bitcoin Bring Us to Consensus on the Block Size Debate?

Article by Christie Harkin / Bitcoin Magazine

Ciphrex Raises $500K in Fully Subscribed Series-A Stock Issue

“We are glad to announce we’ve met our goal of raising half-a-million dollars in this initial round. These funds will allow us to further advance, promote and expand our line of products” -- Enrique Lombrozo, Ciphrex Co-CEO. read more...

Ciphrex Selects Leading Bitcoin Law Firm as Corporate Counsel

“Ciphrex is a leading bitcoin software provider and we look forward to helping them with their legal needs as they advance their pioneering technologies.” – Peter Townshend, Perkins Coie Partner. read more...

Ciphrex CEO Lombrozo: The Bitcoin Blockchain Will Be a Settlement Layer

Article by Kyle Torpey / Blockchain Agenda

Cybersecurity Expert Michael Perklin joins Ciphrex Board of Advisors

“We are thrilled to be working closely with such an authoritative expert. Michael is a highly valuable asset and a tremendous source of inspiration as we continue to push boundaries in this emerging field.” Eric Lombrozo, Ciphrex co-CEO. read more...

Ciphrex’s Eric Lombrozo to Address Texas Bitcoin Conference

“Cryptocurrencies provide users with the ability to always have full control over their own money, but with great power comes great responsibility. We look forward to collaborating with other industry leaders to develop an open security standard." -- Eric Lombrozo, Ciphrex co-CEO. read more...

C4 Announces CCSS Steering

Article by Christie Harkin / Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Law Expert Peter Townshend joins Ciphrex Board of Advisors

“My partners and I at Perkins Coie believe Ciphrex will be one of the big successes in the digital currency space.” -- Peter Townshend, Perkins Coie Partner. read more...

Startup Expert Eliezer Lombrozo joins Ciphrex Board of Advisors

“Eliezer brings with him the broad business perspective of an experienced and successful entrepreneur, making him an extremely valuable addition to the company’s leadership team as our business strategy advisor.” -- Marisa Vallbona, Ciphrex CCO. read more...

Eric Lombrozo, Ciphrex CEO & Deterministic Multisig Pioneer

Interview Article by Hans Lombardo /

Eric Lombrozo, Ciphrex Founder, discusses wallet security and mSIGNA

Eric Lombrozo’s interview with Trace Mayer, Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast (audio)

Ciphrex Releases mSIGNA: The Ultimate Multi-Signature Bitcoin Wallet

Introducing mSIGNA, the most advanced, secure, user-friendly bitcoin wallet on the market. The first to support advanced features such as full control, scalable multi signature account management. mSIGNA is the safest option to store, receive and send bitcoin. read more...

Eric Lombrozo to Lead Workshop on Cryptocurrency Security

"Eric Lombrozo, who is one of the foremost experts in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency security, will provide an overview of best practices for securing bitcoins at both the individual and enterprise level." -- Inside Bitcoins, New York 2015. read more...

Ciphrex Launches Leading Edge Bitcoin Wallet

The first bitcoin wallet supporting shared multisignature account management using deterministic keychains. That’s welcome news for the Bitcoin community. read more...

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