CIPHREX is a leading software company specializing in blockchain technology, digital currency protocols and decentralized consensus networks. We have developed best-in-class products that include mSIGNA, a next-generation multisig bitcoin wallet, and CoinSocket, an enterprise-grade development platform.

The company, based in San Diego, California, was co-founded by Eric Lombrozo, an early pioneer and industry visionary in the fields of digital currency and cryptographic protocols, and by Enrique Lombrozo, a seasoned entrepreneur and executive with experience in corporate organization and management.

CIPHREX has earned its place as a recognized industry leader.

Our co-founder, Eric Lombrozo, has been a longtime contributor to Bitcoin Core and a sought-after speaker at cryptocurrency conferences worldwide. He has actively participated in the design and implementation of the open source software that forms the backbone of the Bitcoin network, and is a contributor to the Ripple and Ethereum projects.

We are advancing the state-of-the-art decentralized consensus network technologies and have developed extensive tools and libraries that allow rapid prototyping and development of cutting edge applications. The CIPHREX team has the technology and domain expertise, business experience and passionate drive to be the leading platform and service provider to the cryptospace ecosystem.

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